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Environmental Policy

Environmental management is one of the most important policies for us at Yamagata Thailand and our affiliate companies.

As a manufacturer of printed manuals for electronics, home appliances, and automobiles (Offset printing, on-demand digital printing, and rotary web press machine),  our vision is to produce high-quality products that are environmentally friendly and sustainable using only natural materials.

Our mission at Yamagata Thailand is as follows:


We strictly adhere to the regulations of environmental policy, use only environmentally-friendly substances during production, and take preventive measures to reduce waste at our facilities in order to cut down on carbon emissions.

Development Process

We will continually develop and improve our environmental management system.

Decrease Risk 

We will decrease the risk of emitting environmentally harmful substances by adhering to the strict guidelines set by our environmental policy and implement an EU-standardized training to all of our staff members.

Public Relations

We are pleased to communicate our environmental policy to the parties associated with our operations and to the public.

We,  at Yamagata (Thailand) Co., Ltd, proudly support and will diligently uphold the aforementioned principles above.

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